In January 2014, the first ever Swedish Championship of Quake Live was played. This site contains all the latest news and information surrounding the tournament, so be sure to check in every now and then!

The latest update:

The first ever Swedish Championship of Quake Live has now been played, and the result is that we finally have the first ever swedish champion of Quake Live: Tox. I personally think that having Tox as the winner suits the tournament and the swedish Quake scene. Tox is probably the most well knowned swedish Quakeplayers ever, and he is also probably the best one we have ever had, so giving him the first place trophy feels fair.

I want to thank all of the players, Zoot and Ins for casting, and all the viewers and donators who have helped with making all of this amazing. People who say that Quake is dead don’t know what they are talking about, and this tournament is proof enough for that.

My hopes now is that this will work as an inspiration for other people around the world, that would like to do something similar for their national Quake scene. I think that one of the best ways to promote the game and to let new players grow is to organise tournaments like this to give the players a platform that isnt as crowded in the top as the international tournaments we often get to see are. Because to me, getting to see rising stars like Stickan, Spazb0rg, Zanzan, Laskij, JewRo, Rox_, Madix, Smurfy, etc. play and actually having a shot some of the prizemoney was worth so much more than just having the regular euro-top playing one more tournament.

I’m truly greatful for everything, and I will make everything I can to make this happend again next year!

Best regards
Totte ”Minimia” Löfström – Founder and organiser

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Here is an Dreamhack interview with Totte Löfström about QuakeSM, that was broadcasted by Swedish TV (English subtitles available):

Here is the showmatches that have been played so far:
Tox vs. Spartie (Youtube)
Fazz vs. Spartie (Youtube)
 Prockz vs. kANiN (Youtube)